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Peel & Bond Install

Recommended Concrete Conditions

Follow ALL directions regarding concrete as referenced on troweled adhesive.

Preparation Prior To Installation

Concrete must be flat, smooth and have no coatings, contaminants, debris, dust, dirt or anything on the surface prior to application of adhesive. Any debris, dust, contaminant, etc., will interfere with the bonding of the adhesive to the concrete surface and diminish your bonding strength. SEE INSTRUCTIONS REFERENCED WITH TROWELED ADHESIVE ON SUBSTRATE.

Peel & Bond Adhesive Application (PnB/HPIA)

  1. Remove Peel & Bond High-Performance Industrial Adhesive backing
  2. Once peeled the panel is ready to be placed

Cutting Panels

  • Scribe panels to walls, door jambs, columns, cabinets, floor outlets and other workshop drains, lifts, benches and equipment. Recess approximately 1/4" from walls.
  • For RA 4.5 and 5.0 panels, we recommend the use of RA-Cutter, which is a 60” wide panel cutter for tight, straight and perfect edges and cuts. You can also use the "hot knife" method which will aid cutting these thicker panels.
  • RA 3.0 panels can be cut with traditional methods, scribes, cutters, sharp cutting commercial flooring knife blades.
  • Use a 100 lb. hand roller and apply normal pressure to ensure a good bond. Periodically lift flooring material to verify proper transfer of adhesive.
  • Watch instructional videos for how to use a wet sponge to clean surface prior to applying Peel and Bond product

Commercial Vehicle Lifts

IMPORTANT: Consult with your RA commercial customer service contact on
use of proper epoxy adhesive for use under vehicle lifts.

Acclimatization of Materials

Materials should be stored in room where Resilient Armour is to be installed at least 48-hours prior to installation.

Site Conditions

These conditions should be met and maintained for a successful installation.

  • The temperature range should be no lower than 65° F and no greater than 80° F.
  • The relative humidity should be between 25% and 65% relative humidity.
  • After the flooring is installed, make sure the temperature does not fall below 55°F or exceeds 100°F and the interior environment.

Peel and Bond Installation Video